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Today I gave my presentation on my interview with Jackie

I went to school today JUST for this, by the way. Real nerd points ;]

When answering the question on why I chose the subject, I stood in front of my WHOLE journalism class and said that I had been diagnosed with Anorexia Nervosa. This project was a way for me to see what the disorder can do to me in the long run if I dont try to recover. It helped me raise awareness on the disorder, even if it was only in my little class. And when some of them gasped at the news(probably thought I was too fat to have Anorexia), I explained that the disorder is NOT defined by a person’s weight. It damages the mind and the disordered thoughts are what LEADS TO the low weight, and eventual death. 

But then, I said that Jackie has inspired me to really start making steps to be better. This really was the first step for me, admitting to myself and everyone else that yes, this could kill me, and I need to start putting forth some effort to change that possibility. 

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